Finding simple solutions to complex problems.


We think outside the box and find solutions others don't ponder.


We are known for our quick turnaround times.


Our motto is to adapt (quickly) or die - we are still alive!

Who are we...

Fintech Fundi is a leading managed services provider specializing in financial technology solutions. With a strong foothold in the micro-finance space in South Africa for over 27 years, we have processed more than R2Bn worth of consumer loans, benefiting over 1 million customers. Our expertise extends to developing technology solutions for diverse entities, from small businesses to government institutions.

Our SaaS loan origination and management system was born out of a decade-long frustration with the limitations of existing products in the micro-finance industry. We were dissatisfied with the lack of control over regulation-based calculations, inefficiencies in managing bad debt and loan portfolios, and the inability to request customizations when needed. Over the years, we meticulously built and refined our system into one of the market's best offerings. It stands out for its compliance capabilities, efficient loan portfolio management features, and remarkable customizability to meet individual customer needs.

As technology became increasingly vital in micro-finance businesses, we recognized the growing demand for internal desktop support, network setups, hardware acquisition, monthly software packages, firewalls, and security measures. We have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise in solving these challenges for small and medium-sized micro-finance enterprises. At Fintech Fundi, we are well-equipped to address the specific technology needs of our clients in the micro-finance industry.